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Ancient Trees

Ancient trees are living relics of incredible age that inspire in us feelings of awe and mystery. We reveal what makes a tree truly ancient, unlock a few of the fascinating secrets and stories associated with them and help you discover why they can sustain such a wide variety of wildlife.
What are ancient trees?
What are ancient trees? Why do they matter? How do you recognise them? Why have they survived so long and what momentous events have they lived through? All is revealed in this section.
Finding ancient trees
How do you go about finding ancient trees and identifying them? Where are you most likely to encounter ancient trees? What particular places contain famous or champion ancient trees? Discover here how to have the best chance of finding an ancient tree.
Old Pollard
Ancient tree ecology
In this section, enter the world of ancient tree ecology. Find out how ancient trees fit within the forest and landscape environment. Why do they make the perfect home for thousands of other plants, animals and fungi species?
Protecting ancient trees
What are the main threats to ancient trees and which laws can be used to help protect them? What can you do locally and how is the Woodland Trust working to ensure their survival for generations to come? Find out in this section.
Ancient tree management
Ancient trees are a precious part of our heritage, which need our care and attention in order to ensure their survival. In this section, find details and further sources of information on caring for ancient trees on land you own or manage.