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What we have acheived so far

Campaigns so far....

The Woodland Trust, through people like Jill Butler -Conservation Policy Officer campaign vigorously to secure the future of ancient trees. In the past two years we have had considerable success with influencing government policy towards ancient trees. The following are examples:

UK wide

British Standard 5837 Trees in relation to Construction. Amended to allow for veteran trees to be rated in the A category ie trees to be retained.

British Standard 3998 Tree Work - currently under review. ATF and Woodland Trust representatives on the Review Panel and our proposed amendments are being taken seriously.

UK Woodland Assurance Scheme. Greatly increased measures to safeguard and protect veteran and ancient trees. Came into action in 2006.

English Nature Research Report 628- Development of a veteran tree site assessment protocol. Gives guidance on how to assess the importance of sites based on numbers of veteran and ancient trees.


Planning Policy Statement 9 Biodiversity and Geological Conservation. Influenced for the first time recognition for protection of aged and veteran trees from development.

Circular 06/2005 Influenced changes so that a tree can have a TPO place on it on biodiversity grounds alone.

Working with the Grain of Nature-A biodiversity strategy for England. Influenced recognition of ancient trees as a key aim of the Forestry and Woodland Section.


Outcome of TAN 5 in Wales awaited. We have lobbied for it to include protection for ancient trees.

Currently lobbying Welsh Assembly members to amend TPO legislation as it relates to Wales. Significant support from WA Members.


We had a great deal of support for our proposed amendments to the Planning (Scotland) Bill Stage 3. While no amendments from any quarters were accepted, we do believe we have about one third MSP support for our proposals. We will be lobbying for changes to protect ancient and veteran trees in NPPG 14 later in 2007.

New Scottish Forestry Strategy. New statement that individual ancient and heritage trees should be sympathetically managed.


Environmental Stewardship Scheme in England. Recognition of the importance of trees especially ancient trees in the Higher Level Scheme.

Landfill Tax awards have been used to help ancient trees in planted ancient woodlands.