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Planning restrictions

How can planning restrictions protect ancient trees?

If a tree is threatened by development, certain planning restrictions may be used to help protect it. However, you must be prepared to act quickly and lodge an objection early in the process.

Once it has been granted, planning permission overrides other objections and even Tree Preservation Orders.

Methods you can employ to protect an ancient tree threatened with development include:

  • Checking the development plan and quoting relevant policies in your objection
  • Checking if it resides in a Conservation Area
  • Finding out who are the local councillors for the area in which the tree is located. Explain your concerns to them – put forward the views of local residents - and ask for their help in guiding you through the system
  • Putting your case to the local planning authority, and/or planning committee
  • Finding people and local organisations, especially local groups of national pressure associations, who may share your concerns and write letters to object to plans as well
  • Trees in relation to construction are covered by a British Standard BS 5837 and Tree Work is covered by BS 3998. British Standard 3998 is currently under review.
  • Ask your local authority tree officer to explain how a proposed development meets the requirements of the two Standards.