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Tree profiles

Find out about some of the most inspiring ancient trees here:
Link to the Tolpuddle Martyrs' Tree
The Tolpuddle Martyrs Tree
One of the most famous trees in the country - iconic with trade union struggles and the Martyrs' meeting in the 1830s..
Link to Ancient Hornbeam of Hainault
The Ancient Hornbeam of Hainault
A multi-talented gem at the heart of a Woodland Trust Wood
Link to information on Llangernyw Yew
The Llangernyw Yew
The oldest tree in Wales..
Link to information about the Meavy Oak
The Meavy Oak
A landmark tree where visitors must surely be obliged to eat, drink and be merry!
Link to background information on The Kissing Beech
The Kissing Beech
Can you feel the Love in the wood? It seems that many people can...
Link to The Pulpit Yew
The Pulpit Yew
A tree of Grand Design? It seems that even Ancient yew trees can multi-task..
Link to the Hurricane Tree
The Hurricane Tree
A special place of remembrance..
Link to Wyndham Oak
The Wyndham Oak
Witness of two New Millennia.. Now that really is rather impressive..
Link to The Remedy Oak
The Remedy Oak
A Tree with a Fascinating Medical History ..
Link to Taplow House Tulip Tree
Taplow House Hotel Tulip Tree
Possibly the oldest Tulip Tree in Britain..
Link to The Borrowdale Fraternal Four
The Borrowdale Fraternal Four
Poetic and Televisual Inspiration..
Link to Volunteer of the Moment
Volunteers of the Moment
Trees and People.. A perfect Combination for the Ancient Tree Hunt Team
Link to Facebook Fan
Facebook Fan
When Old meets New...
Link to more on The Pollok Beech
The Pollok Beech
Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Pollok...
Link to Maryculter House Sweet Chestnut
Maryculter House Sweet Chestnut
You never know what you might find in a car park..
Link to Darley Oak
The Darley Oak
We think this is the only Ancient Oak in Cornwall but we'd love to be proved wrong..
Link to The Fortingall yew
The Fortingall Yew
Probably the oldest tree in Britain..
Crewkerne Lucombe Oak
Crewkerne Lucombe Oak
Your help in saving this tree would be gratefully received..
Link to the Bicycle Tree
The Bicycle Tree
Seeing really is believing.. Is it possible for a tree to have an iron deficiency?
Belvoir Oak
Belvoir Oak
200 People visit Belvoir Oak
Tandridge Yew
Tandridge Yew
A tree made famous by Thomas Pakenham
Holker Lime
The Great Holker Lime
One of several huge lime trees in Holker Hall in Cumbria....
Birnham Oak
The Birnham Oak in Perth and Kinross
Is this a dagger I see before me - or just a fantastic tree as quoted by Macbeth?
The Crowhurst Yew
Crowhurst Yew
Its amazing what you discover inside a hollow tree
Belton Lane
The Valentine's Day Tree
Have a heart, hug a tree...
Much Marcle Yew
The Much Marcle Yew
Ancient tree/multi-functional garden pavilion...
The Belly Oak, Savernake Forest
The Big Belly Oak
A special tree to celebrate our 30,000th record...
Curley Oak, Wentwood Forest
The Curley Oak, Wentwood Forest
You can find this tree in a Woodland Trust wood no less, one of several hundred records that have just been added...
Tarr Farm Oak
Tarr Lane Oak
One local couple felt so strongly about this tree that they saved it from felling...
Finnis oak
Haunted sycamore, Finnis
Whatever you do, don't touch the tree!
Auchinleck sweet chestnut
Sweet chestnut, Auchinleck House
Why a blog is more than just a blog...
Eastham Park oak
Eastham Park oak
This weeks tree can be found on a ferry 'cross the Mersey...
Boom Hall oak
Boom Hall oak
This week we visit Northern Ireland for a tree with a spooky history...
The Capon Tree
The Capon Tree
Our one month tour of Acorns to Ancients trees takes us to Scotland...
Magic Tree
The Magic Tree
The first of our "Acorns to Ancients" trees, as far as we are aware with no actual magic properties...
Waltham St. Lawrence Yew
Waltham St. Lawrence Yew
A great example of a churchyard yew in Berkshire...
Ancient rowan, Scotland
Ancient rowan, Scotland
Certainly not the biggest ancient tree you will come across, but that makes it all the more unusual...
Old Snoozy
Old Snoozy, Blenheim Palace
Christened by the ATH team following a weekend out at Blenheim Palace...
Croft Castle Sweet Chestnut
Croft Castle Sweet Chestnut
One of an avenue of sweet chestnuts with Spanish origins...
Fallen ash, Marydown, Somerset.
Fallen ash, Somerset
This mighty ash is a great example of a fallen tree which still provides a great habitat...
Queen Elizabeth Oak, Cowdray Park. Photo ATH/Justin Douglas
Queen Elizabeth Oak
One of the biggest sessile oaks recorded in the whole of the UK
Beech at Fosbury hill fort
Beech tree, Fosbury hill fort
A bit of a historical tree this week, it can be seen guarding an Iron Age fort..
Haresfield Oak. Photo Geoff Alpe.
The Haresfield Oak
Supposedly planted to mark the route of Edward II's funeral cortege...
Crab apple, Stirling. Photo Lorna Holl
Crab apple, Stirling
Quite possibly the smallest girthed ancient tree ever featured as a tree of the moment...
Crowley Oak
The Crowley Oak
'Crowley's veteran tree' says the sign. We say ancient...
Ancient oak, Ingleby
Ancient oak, North Yorkshire Moors
This fabulous hollowed oak was discovered out on a walk in the Moors of Yorkshire. Just the way we like them to be found...
Yew tree, Argyll and Bute. Photo Mike Murray
Yew tree, Argyll and Bute
A hidden gem, high on the hillsides of windswept Scotland
Druid's Oak. Photo Katherine Owen
The Druid's Oak
Why it's called the Druid's Oak we don't know, but it seems like a suitably evocative name for a tree with such history...
Beech at Broadstone Warren, Sussex. Photo Ali Wright
Beech at Broadstone Warren
The biggest beech tree on record. Did Winnie The Pooh visit this one?
Talley Abbey Ash
Talley Abbey Ash
To coin a phrase, 'probably the best ash in Britain'...or at least the biggest...
Tortworth chestnut
Tortworth Sweet Chestnut
This sweet chestnut has been recognised with not one but two plaques to celebrate its significance..
Studley Park oak
Studley Park oak
A fabulous oak tree on land which has been documented for almost a millennium...
Belvoir Forest Park oak
Belvoir Park Forest oak
2008's first tree of the moment is a monster! And it's Irish..
Discoed Yew
The Discoed Yew
2007's final tree of the moment is a species we haven't featured even once this year
The Squire's Oak
The Squire's Oak
Another magnificent oak hidden away amongst the hustle and bustle of an urban area...
Parliament Oak, Sherwood Forest
Parliament Oak
Sherwood Forest needs your support!
Wesley's tree
Wesley's tree
An elm tree. In Britain. And it's alive! Sort of...
Temple Oak
The Temple Oak
One of the largest Pedunculate oaks in the country! And also one with a mystery...
Sweet chestnut
Warley Place Sweet Chestnut
This tree is one of a group of seven reputedly planted by John Evelyn who was a well known horticulturalist and arborealist at Warley Place an Essex
Offa's Dyke Oak
Offa's Dyke's magnificent oak
This truly ancient oak is one of the largest outside of a parkland landscape in Powys
Champion White Poplar
Champion white poplar
TROBI declares this white poplar as the ATH's first champion find
Wych Elm
Wych elm of Yorkshire
This Wych elm has survived Dutch elm disease
Oriental Plane
Oriental plane discovered in Waitrose
The Wokingham Veteran Tree Association discover a piece of history in waitrose car park
Neil Gow oak
Neil Gow Oak
Discover the tree under which the legendary Neil Gow composed much of his music
Baronscourt beech
Beech tree, Baronscourt
The first of our highlighted treasures from Northern Ireland
The Dickens Oak in Chigwell
The Dicken's tree, Chigwell
Known as "The Dickens oak" this is a well known landmark in Chigwell.
Law Day Oak
Law Day Oak
Discover more about the judicial past of this ancient oak in Kent...
Rydal Hall's sweet chestnut
The Ryedale Sweet Chestnut
One of the Lake District's many special trees
Sweet chestnut in Elmdon Park
Sweet chestnut in Elmdon Park
A forgotten treasure in an urban park
Cow Bridge Ash
Cow Bridge Ash
Learn about the unique tale of the Cow Bridge ash...
The Eardisley Oak
The Eardisley Oak
One of Herefordshire's most famous trees
Cedar of Lebanon
Cedar of Lebanon from Shropshire
A tree that dominates the landscapes of Shropshire
Image of Boothby Pagnell oak by Katherine Carr
Oak tree, Boothby Pagnell
The most recent 'Tree of the Moment' was recorded by a member of Woodland Trust staff...
Link to the Bowthorpe oak
The Bowthorpe Oak
Believed to be over 1,000 years old, the Bowthorpe Oak's hollow trunk has been used for parties in the past, and it is rumoured that at one point over 39 people stood within it.
Coppiced beech
Beech coppard in Epping Forest
A beech coppard that is reputedly 1000 years old is our 'Tree of the Moment'...
Link to the white leaved oak in Herefordshire
The white leaved oak in Herefordshire
The white leaved oak in Herefordshire, a tree so awe inspiring, it has its own visitors book
Ancient Apple. David Alderman
Loddington Apple, Northants
An orchard apple cultivar called 'Loddington' at Sulgrave Manor, Northants.
Hunting for Herne's Oak
This tree was spotted at the theatre in Stratford...
Major oak
The Major Oak
The most popular tree in the United Kingdom?
The Woodland Trust Scotland celebrates Ancient Trees.
Muggington yew
Muggington Yew
The 'druid' tree.