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The Major Oak

The most popular tree in the United Kingdom?

20 October 2006

The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham is close to many peoples hearts.

Ian Retson told us about his Major Oak memory from 1964.

'I took this picture (opposite) of my parents and other family members. In those days you could freely sit on the tree or even swing on the branches if you could reach them. I remember the large lead (?) plates and chains used to protect and support some of the limbs.'

In addition Kath Parkes sent us this photo of her visit to Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak in 1956/57.

Let us know if you have any photographic memories of this iconic tree.

Family at the Major Oak 1964. Photo: Ian Retson

Sitting in an Ancient Tree Hollow. Photo: Kath Parkes