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Muggington Yew

The 'druid' tree.

20 October 2006

Ken Andrews has provided this lovely photo of an old yew tree opposite.

He writes 'The old yew tree I mentioned is at Mugginton Church in Derbyshire, South of the A517 mid-way between Ashbourne and Belper.

The Historical Notes which I got at the church in 1980, when the photo was taken, refer to a survey of 1880 when the following details were recorded:- The Old Yew Tree has a girth of 24ft 6ins at a height of 4ft from the ground could be a 'druid tree'. The younger tree... was planted in 1732 by the Rector.

For futher information on this and many more yews visit the Ancient Yew Group

The Muggington yew tree, Belper. Photo: Ken Andrews