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Beech tree, Baronscourt

The first of our highlighted treasures from Northern Ireland

21 August 2007

We have always been keen on the ATH team to include interesting trees from all areas of the UK within the Discoveries section, and so were delighted to receive these images from one of our valued verifiers in Northern Ireland, Peter Archdale.

Peter had seen this tree on Baronscourt Estate, and when we saw the photos he sent in, the roots really caught our eye! The sandy soil has eroded from around the tree's base and left the roots exposed.

On first glance we all agreed that it looks as if the tree is ready to walk away as the roots resemble legs! Very little is known about the beech, but Peter hopes to talk to the Head Forester soon to see if any light can be shed on this amazing beech.

Baronscourt beech in Northern Ireland