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Oak tree, Boothby Pagnell

The most recent 'Tree of the Moment' was recorded by a member of Woodland Trust staff...

17 April 2007

For our latest highlighted tree, we have chosen one close to home for us here at the Woodland Trust. This fine oak is located at Boothby Pagnell, approximately six miles from our Grantham offices. In fact, it was recorded by a member of Woodland Trust staff, Katherine Carr!

Katherine has been speaking to other locals about the tree, and they have some interesting tales to tell about it. Ernie, a resident in the area for over forty years, remembers such memorable events such as when a lorry left the road near the tree twelve years ago, and the recovery team put a steel cable around the tree to winch the lorry back up onto the road. Luckily the scars are now healing, which is fortunate given that this tree holds such a special place in the hearts of the villagers, who even featured it on their Millennium tapestry.

To see more images of the tree, be sure to visit its own webpage following the link below.

Image of the Boothby Pagnell oak - Katherine Carr