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The Dicken's tree, Chigwell

Known as "The Dickens oak" this is a well known landmark in Chigwell.

27 July 2007

This 'Tree of the Moment' came courtesy of the '50 Greatest Trees' competition being held in and around Epping Forest.

Link to Dickens Oak, Chigwell

It is known locally as the 'Dickens oak' and it is a maiden tree with a girth of 5.9metres. David Wixley a local Tree Warden picks up the tale...

"Known as 'The Dickens oak' this is a well known landmark in Chigwell. This tree is simply enormous around the girth of its trunk. I'm sure there are bigger oak trees, but I can't recall seeing one.

It must be very old, and if it could talk would have much to tell us. Situated close to 'The King's Head' it was the model for the 'Maypole' in the Charles Dickens book 'Barnaby Rudge'. I think we can be confident that Dickens would have known this tree.

Despite some damage it looks in good health still, even though it is on a verge sandwiched between a busy road and a tarmac footpath. Its majestic appearance represents a triumph of nature against the incursions."

Dicken's tree in Chigwell. Photo: David Wrixley