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Sweet chestnut in Elmdon Park

A forgotten treasure in an urban park

26 June 2007

One of the aims of the Ancient Tree Hunt is to rediscover and map a future for forgotten treasures across the UK. Therefore, we were delighted to receive news about a little known ancient sweet chestnut located in a West Midlands park.

Our volunteer verifier for the area, Barry Evershed, was amazed by this tree when he visited, and took the stunning pictures shown here.

Barry commented that -

"This is a magnificent sweet chestnut safeguarded by Solihull MBC in Elmdon Park. It dates from 1518 on the site of an old country house or hall which was built about the same time. The ruins of this house were still there 50 years ago a local historian tells me."

Be sure to visit this forgotten treasure if you are in the area!

Take a look at the Elmdon Park sweet chestnut's own tree page

Image of the Elmdon Park sweet chestnut