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Neil Gow Oak

Discover the tree under which the legendary Neil Gow composed much of his music

10 September 2007

When we heard of the many stories associated with the Neil Gow Oak, including personal recollections from our recorders, we knew this would make a wonderful 'Tree of the Moment'.

This sessile oak is located near Inver alongside a riverbank, and legend says that Neil Gow, the celebrated violinist, used to sit under this tree to compose strathspeys and reels in the eighteenth century. Indeed, one of our recorders recalls how her great-grandmother's family lived in Inver, and one of her great uncles was taught to play the violin by Neil Gow himself!

No doubt the spot under the tree is just as lovely today in the twenty-first century, a specially-designed bench has been installed alongside the riverbank, its gentle lines mirroring the flowing river. This is a special tree and a special spot in which to enjoy it.

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The Neil Gow oak