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Offa's Dyke's magnificent oak

This truly ancient oak is one of the largest outside of a parkland landscape in Powys

22 October 2007

As any seasoned big tree hunter knows, Powys is a treasure trove for fat, old oaks. Locations such as Powys Castle hold some amazing examples that support why this area is some times referred to as big oak county.

Despite the wonderful reputation Powys has, it is still unusual to find an oak above six metres - so this specimen is particularly rare and wonderful. Situated on the Offa's Dyke footpath this beautiful sessile oak is a whopping 7.65 metres in girth and displays some of the most exquisite characteristics of an ancient tree.

Currently the 4th biggest oak in Powys that is outside of a historic parkland landscape, take a look at its record page and marvel at its dead wood, hollowing and array of moss and lichen - in fact, why not visit it and see it all for real?

Link to sessile oak, Powys

Tim Hills of the Ancient Yew Group told us 'Offa's Dyke is marked by yew and holly, but as yet no one has surveyed it to discover all of its ancient trees'

-Sounds like a job for the weekend walkers amongst you this winter.

Sessile oak at Offa's Dyke. Photo Stephanie Kemp