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Oriental plane discovered in Waitrose

The Wokingham Veteran Tree Association discover a piece of history in waitrose car park

24 September 2007

Oriental plane tree

This tree has been discovered by the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association in the grounds of their local Waitrose!

The tree's local history seems to be leading the association on a merry dance as Barbara Stagles, their chair explains

This is a very well-known, very large oriental plane adjacent to the car park in the Waitrose store in Wokingham town centre. Everyone loves it and the rumour is that it is 800 years old! However our main local historian knows of a 1739 engraving of the nearby Montague House where no tree is shown in the place where the plane would be - although trees are shown elsewhere. There is an article about the history of Montague House in The Wokingham Historian, vol 4, but no mention of the tree.

Their search for its tree-timeline continues...

Link to Oriental plane record

Oriental plane, Montague House. Photo-B Stagles