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The Ryedale Sweet Chestnut

One of the Lake District's many special trees

9 July 2007

So many of you enjoyed the story of the sweet chestnut in Elmdon Park that we decided that we would share another sweet chestnut with you.

This magnificent seven hug example has been recorded by John Chapman, and was nominated as a special tree for our official project launch by Marina Ramsden of The Lake District National Park Authority.

Although located on private land just off the public right of way at Rydal Hall, Ambleside, permission is not required to view this tree. The property is a registered historic park and garden and it is assumed that the tree relates to the original house.

Unfortunately we don't know too much about the history of the tree, but would love to hear from anyone that knows anything about it, or others in the area. Such trees provide a wonderful excuse, should you need one, to visit this beautiful area of England. Therefore, why not experience the magic of Rydal's ancient trees whilst camping in the grounds in luxury Mongolian Yurts (real beds and a wood burning stove!). Ben Atkinson is available for walks and talks around the trees.

Rydal Hall's sweet chestnut