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The Squire's Oak

Another magnificent oak hidden away amongst the hustle and bustle of an urban area...

17 December 2007

This oak stands at the junction of Liverpool Road, Howick Cross Road, Howick Moor Lane; at the start of the Liverpool Road dual carriageway heading out of Preston/Penwortham towards Southport. The tree stands with housing to one side, and fields to the other.

Known locally as ‘The Squire’s Oak’, it is forms a canopy with another single oak. The oaks are most likely the remains of a hedgerow marking an older field boundary.

Link to Squire's Oak

A local story goes that Squire Rawsthorne had reserved the two trees to supply the wood for his coffin. The land was sold before his death and thus didn’t fall to the Squires wishes. There is a very small WWI monument across from the ‘Squires Oak’ on Howick Cross Lane.

* Thanks to E.Basquill, Friends of Hurst Grange, for relaying the tale.

The Squire's Oak, Liverpool. Photo Vincent Wadsworth