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The Temple Oak

One of the largest Pedunculate oaks in the country! And also one with a mystery...

16 November 2007

The Temple Oak, in the heart of Worcestershire has proved to be something of a mystery for those who know of its existence. This mighty Pedunculate oak has a massive girth of over 11 metres and is one of the biggest on record.

However the Tree Register has a record from 1940 by Bruce Gardner, at the time the secretary of the Royal Forestry Society, of an oak with a girth of 10.27m at a location he described as Mere Hall. Coincidentally this happens to be not far down the road from the location of the Temple Oak. So are there two massive oaks in the area or was the tree recorded by Bruce Gardner in 1940 in fact the Temple Oak?

Link to Temple oak

So if any of you can confirm whether or not the Temple Oak stands on the land that is or once was a part of the Mere Hall estate it may solve our mystery. If not, the hunt continues and perhaps Mere Hall and the footpaths around it are worth searching for another big tree that may still survive?

Temple Oak. Photo Barry Evershed