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Wych elm of Yorkshire

This Wych elm has survived Dutch elm disease

4 October 2007

Follow the local footpaths on the outskirts of Bainbridge and out of the North Yorkshire landscape will loom this magnificent Wych elm.

This tree is no more than 125 years old but as a survivor of Dutch elm disease it stands as one of only two elms that has grown to a girth of over 4 metres recorded in the county.

Yorkshire is proving to be a real treasure chest for tree hunters with magnificent trees like this being discovered through the Ancient Tree Hunt all the time. David Alderman, Registrar of TROBI, one of the key partner organisations leading the hunt for old fat trees said 'If i could spend a month tree hunting, Yorkshire would be my county of choice. Magnificent trees are coming out of the landscape all the time'

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Link to record for Wych elm in North Yorkshire

Wych elm in Yorkshire. Photo ATH