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Ancient rowan, Scotland

Certainly not the biggest ancient tree you will come across, but that makes it all the more unusual...

22 August 2008

The second (of two) in our occasional series of 'ancient trees found by Lorna Holl' features a rowan tree high in the hillsides of Scotland. Following on from the crab apple we featured earlier on in the year this rowan is another great example of how ancient trees don't have to be big and fat.

This rowan is one of only 16 ancient specimens recorded on the website, with a girth of a mere 2.69 metres. Lorna takes up the story of how she found it:

"I have a favourite walk up behind a hill close to where we live, where I can sit and admire a beautiful view up Loch Lomond and be sure to have it to myself! It was on an extension of this walk that I found the most amazing rowan tree. It is practically hollow but still going strong despite this. It sprawls for about ten metres in each direction, sometimes resting its branches on the boulders amongst which it is growing. There is an old stone wall a few metres below it and beautiful moss covered boulders all around it, and it is a climb to reach it. This tree has a splendid view up the loch and basks in the evening sun."

Link to ancient rowan, Scotland

Ancient rowan, Scotland. Photo ATH/Lorna Holl.