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Boom Hall oak

This week we visit Northern Ireland for a tree with a spooky history...

3 October 2008

Our highlighted Acorns to Ancients specimen in Northern Ireland can be found on the Boom Hall Estate in Londonderry. This oak tree has a girth of over six metres and is one of around 20 trees recorded so far on the site.

Boom Hall is around 350 years old and is named after the wooden boom that was erected by Jacobean forces to prevent help reaching the city in the great siege of 1689. Eventually three merchant ships, the Mountjoy, the Jerusalem and the Phoenix succeeded in breaking through. However in the midst of battle Captain Browning of the Mountjoy received what proved to be fatal wounds.

It is said that his ghost stalks the grounds of Boom Hall and when a mist descends there have been sightings of a tall, erect figure or of a man in a dark blue tailcoat with gold braid. This is one of several sightings of ghosts in the now derelict house, so if you go to collect some acorns beware of ghostly visitors!

Link to Boom Hall oak tree record

Boom Hall oak. Photo ATH/Peter Archdale.