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Croft Castle Sweet Chestnut

One of an avenue of sweet chestnuts with Spanish origins...

11 July 2008

This week we are visiting Croft Castle in Herefordshire, a National Trust property near Leominster. This nine metre sweet chestnut is one of several that form a magnificent avenue of trees on the site; which itself contains over 300 veterans.

Croft Castle itself is a late 17th Century house, which gives an indication of how old the trees on the site could be. The sweet chestnuts' origins are rumoured to be from the remains of the famously wrecked Spanish Armada in 1592 - so could be over 300 years old.

The trees were recorded and verified on a recent visit by verifier Keith Arrowsmith.

Link to Croft Castle Sweet Chestnut record

Croft Castle Sweet Chestnut. Photo ATH/Keith Arrowsmith