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The Crowley Oak

'Crowley's veteran tree' says the sign. We say ancient...

20 March 2008

Something of a run on oak trees at the moment for TOTM. The Crowley Oak can be located in Ullenhall in Warwickshire. With a girth of over seven metres it certainly makes an impressive sight at the roadside.

Contrary to the sign accompanying the tree declaring it to be 'Ullenhall's veteran tree' it would in fact make it as an ancient under our guidelines; it certainly has the girth!

Link to the Crowley Oak

The record of the tree on the website proved useful for one visitor from America who came across it as something of an ancestral relic:

On Wednesday, Sept 19th (2007), my brother, my husband, and I will be in the Ullenhall area to visit our Crowley ancestral soil. I have found a letter from Mrs. Mary Friend - dated 22 Feb 1975, addressed to: Chapel Barn, Ullenhall, Solihull, Warwickshire, England. She indicates she lives on the Crowley Estate that was occupied by my ancestors. I would be royally surprised to find Mrs. Friend still living there after 32 years. I have also found information & photos from a cousin, Forest Crowley, who visited that area in 1996. He stated: Here is the three story brick home that Robert Crowley moved to in 1495 when he left Ireland. He also sent a photo of the old Crowley Oak that stands in front of the old Crowley home and is over 1000 years old* and is the oldest tree in the area. It is still known as the "Old Crowley Oak" by the villagers.I can hardly believe I will be walking on ancestral soil next month. This truly will be a dream come true! Claire Field - in Provo, Utah, USA

It just goes to show all manner of results and reactions that can happen when you record a tree on the website!

*just a note to say that the tree isn't necessarily over 1,000 years old, this is only in Claire's correspondence. Not a fact!

Crowley Oak. Photo Steven Falk