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Beech tree, Fosbury hill fort

A bit of a historical tree this week, it can be seen guarding an Iron Age fort..

29 April 2008

A bit of a history lesson with this weeks tree of the moment. The beech tree featured is one of nine verified in the area around Fosbury hill fort in Wiltshire. With a girth of just under six and a half metres it is one of the largest beech specimens we have verified in the county.

It is also a great example of a tree showing the root system that makes you think what will be going on underground...

Link to ancient beech, Fosbury hill fort

As Jill Butler says, the tree is "a spectacular 'wow' beech tree in a wonderful and historic location." Interestingly, according to local records the nearby village of Fosbury lay within the bounds of Savernake Forest until the 1300's. This may explain why there is a cluster of trees around the fort - with the boundaries having moved back over time. This is not to say the tree itself is 700 years old of course! And there is certainly much conjecture about the site and its historical background.

Beech tree, Fosbury hill fort. Photo Jill Butler.