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Haunted sycamore, Finnis

Whatever you do, don't touch the tree!

31 October 2008

Being as it is Halloween it seemed only appropriate to feature a tree with a suitably spooky story for TOTM. This dead sycamore can be found in the village of Finnis, County Down.

Legend has it that in the early 20th century a ghost haunted the area around Dree Hill bridge in the village. A local priest set out to exorcise the spirit and apparantly managed to capture it in a bottle, which he then secreted away inside the tree itself.

From then on no-one in the village has dared touch the tree for fear of disturbing the spirit - and when engineers were erecting power lines in the village they were told to run them through the branches of the tree rather than cut it down for fear of releasing the ghost!

Link to haunted sycamore record, Finnis.

Haunted oak tree, Finnis. Photo ATH/Chris Hickman.