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Fallen ash tree, Marydown copse, Somerset.

This mighty ash is a great example of a fallen tree which still provides a great habitat...

26 June 2008

For this week's Tree of the Moment we have taken a slightly different perspective. This ash tree in Somerset easily makes it into the top ten that we have recorded on the website in terms of girth, coming in with a massive 6.50m.

It was originally recorded back in June 2007 but unfortunately earlier on this year it fell during the course of some particularly stormy weather. As you can see from the photos there is still a pretty impressive stump remaining and it certainly doesn't make it any less of a record.

The trunk itself is completely hollow and our verifier who visited the tree, Jon Gadsden noted that it was being used by badgers or foxes as a meeting ground.

The fallen tree will continue to be a home for many species and especially the bugs and beetles who rely on the rotting deadwood to live within.

Link to record of ash tree, Marydown copse, Somerset.

Fallen ash tree, Marydown copse, Somerset. Photo ATH/Jon Gadsden.