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Old Snoozy, Blenheim Palace

Christened by the ATH team following a weekend out at Blenheim Palace...

29 July 2008

Now technically speaking we are being a bit naughty this week as Old Snoozy's status as an ancient tree is open to conjecture, but he's just so fabulous and has become dear to our hearts following our weekend away in the country.

We were at the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, basking in the glorious sunshine whilst bigging up the Ancient Tree Hunt to the 151,000 visitors who poured through the gates over the three days of the event.

Link to Old Snoozy tree record

With our stand being next to him he became our mascot for the weekend and he also became something of a favourite with the many visitors who couldn't take the heat and came over for forty weeks under his vast canopy - as you can see from the photos! Jill and Ted came down on the Friday and measured the girth to be just over seven and a half metres and we reckon he may be around 500 years old. This makes him older then Blenheim Palace itself, which was only built in the 1700s.

He is just one of many, many great trees in the grounds of the Palace, none of which have been recorded yet - so get out in the sun and get recording!

Old Snoozy. Photo ATH/Chris Hickman.