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Queen Elizabeth Oak, Cowdray Park

One of the biggest sessile oaks recorded in the whole of the UK

13 June 2008

After the launch of our summer of hugs, Tree of the Moment is finally back with us. This week we are featuring perhaps one of the most famous trees in the country; The Queen Elizabeth Oak at Cowdray Park in West Sussex.

This follows a visit by some of the ATH team and verifiers in the south east region on Saturday June 7th. This magnificent sessile oak was one of the highlights of the day and is one of many interesting specimens on the site. It is one of the biggest recorded in the country, confirms David Alderman:

"Following a visit last weekend we can confirm this is the third biggest Sessile Oak ever recorded. The true girth currently appears to be 12.50m-12.80m depending upon how level the tape is and which bumps and burrs are avoided or not! The Pontfadog Oak in Wales is 12.85m and the Marton Oak in Cheshire is 13.38m although this tree is now fragmented. All three trees are currently recorded as champion sessile oak by the Tree Register. The QE Oak is the only one with good public access and although it is only visible from the public footpath Lord Cowdray allows the tree to be visited. Photographs from c.1900 show the QE Oak has changed considerably within the past 100 years."

Link to Queen Elizabeth Oak, Cowdray Park

Queen Elizabeth Oak, Cowdray Park. Photo ATH/Justin Douglas