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Sweet chestnut, Auchinleck House

Why a blog is more than just a blog...

24 October 2008

This week we thought we would highlight the humble blog and how it can add that extra bit of background information or personal story to a record. This 6.7 metre-girthed sweet chestnut can be found at Auchinleck House in East Ayrshire.

Sweet chestnut, Auchinleck House

The house was built in the 1700s and this tree was supposedly planted sometime in the seventeenth century, one of several ancient and veteran trees in the grounds of the house.

Recorder, Bruce Philip notes in his blog that:

This tree is probably the most important ancient tree on Auchinleck Estate. Planted in the late 17th century it is a remnant of an earlier phase of landscaping which has been incorporated into the late 18th century, and later, landscaping. The estate has many interesting trees with a probable ancient beech and a number of old (ancient?) coppiced hollies. Some of these are very decrepit and it is difficult to decide exactly what their original function was but they appear to have formed a hedge adjacent to the ruined former estate house (built early 17th century). There are many other notable trees which makes it difficult to map them all but the estate is worthy of note for number of 18th(?) century oaks in particular.

So the next time you add a record, take an extra minute and put a blog in. Whether it's a story of how you found the tree, an interesting website of relevance or history of the area that the tree resides in - it all adds to the trees' living history!

Sweet chestnut, Auchinleck House. Photo ATH/Bruce Philip.