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Talley Abbey Ash

To coin a phrase, 'probably the best ash in Britain'...or at least the biggest...

25 January 2008

This monster of a tree can quite reasonably lay a good claim for being the oldest ash tree in Britain. The tree is located in a hedgerow within the grounds of Talley Abbey in Carmarthernshire in Wales. The site itself has records dating back to the 12th Century which gives us a good idea of the history of the location.

The tree has become so gnarled over the years that getting a decent measurement of the girth is something of a challenge but we reckon its at least a good seven metres around.

Link to Talley Abbey Ash

The photos accompanying the record have come from one of our verifiers in Wales, Michael Karparty. He came across the tree something by accident when looking at some oaks on an estate nearby that he had previously verified. Luckily he spotted the ash in the distance and took the fantastic photos that you can see in the photo gallery for the ash.

Talley Abbey Ash/Photo Michael Karpaty