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Tarr Lane Oak

One local couple felt so strongly about this tree that they saved it from felling...

13 November 2008

This weeks tree is a great example of how the Ancient Tree Hunt can highlight particular cases of individual trees that have been threatened with felling.

This six metre oak, just north of Kingston St. Mary in Somerset had been threatened with felling for timber provision during the 1980's. John and Jane Clarke, a local couple who had lived with the tree in view for many years felt so impassioned that they started a campaign to save it. The campaign resulted in the tree being bought by the local council on an 80 year lease.

As the Woodland Trust's Jon Burgess comments:

"With a girth of six and a half metres, it’s a substantial tree that’s in good health and still growing vigorously. Left to its own devices, it will become an ancient tree in a hundred or so years’ time. The Clarkes’ actions are all the more impressive because twenty years ago there was little general awareness about the vulnerability of ancient trees. It’s an example for us all that a beautiful old oak tree is there for wildlife and people to enjoy now and for years to come, when it could so easily have been turned into a table and chairs long ago."

Link to Tarr Lane Oak record.

The Tarr Farm Oak. Photo ATH/Jon Burgess.