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The Capon Tree

Our one month tour of Acorns to Ancients trees takes us to Scotland...

26 September 2008

The second of our 'Acorns to Ancients' themed Tree of the Moments comes from Scotland in the form of the Capon Tree. This sessile oak is almost ten metres in girth and forks into two separate trunks quite low down in the tree. The trunk itself has now split and has to be held up with timber beams.

The Capon Tree is one of the last surviving trees from the ancient Jedforest in the Scottish Borders and according to folklore could be over 1000 years old. It was said to be a meeting place of border clans and was used by monks as a shelter on their way to nearby Jedburgh Abbey. The tree is not far from the side of the A68, but if you park in Jedburgh it's only about a mile walk to the site of this historic ancient tree to collect your seeds!

Link to the Capon Tree record

The Capon Tree. Photo ATH/David Alderman.