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The Curley Oak, Wentwood Forest

You can find this tree in a Woodland Trust wood no less, one of several hundred records that have just been added...

10 December 2008

This week's Tree of the Moment is something of a celebratory tree. The Curley Oak can be found in one of the Woodland Trust's very own woods; Wentwood in South Wales.

During the last few weeks the Ancient Tree Hunt team have been adding tree records from Woodland Trust sites across the whole of the country. Thanks to the dedication of our Woodland Officers who surveyed the sites we have now been able to add these records to the database and showcase the many fabulous ancient, veteran and notable trees on our own land.

So by exploring the interactive map and bringing up your local Woodland Trust woods, you will be able to locate the most interesting trees to spot the next time you pay the woods a visit.

Link to Curley Oak record, Wentwood Forest

The Curley Oak, Wentwood Forest. Photo ATH/Jon Winder.