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The Haresfield Oak

Supposedly planted to mark the route of Edward II's funeral cortege...

17 April 2008

This weeks tree of the moment has a rather complex story so you'll have to bear with us! Its an oak with a girth of just over seven metres, not far from the village of Haresfield in Gloucestershire.

Link to Haresfield Oak, Gloucestershire

It is one of three reputedly planted on the route that the funeral cortege of Edward II took from Berkeley Castle to Gloucester in 1327. However the confusion comes when you look on the map and see that in the fields directly south of the road there are several other ancient trees which at some point have also claimed the right to be the trees too.

A recorder from the Gloucestershire area, Alex Jeakins, had heard of the legend of the Haresfield Oaks and decided to some further investigation, the results of which can be found in this article from the Haresfield Herald. As you will read it provides as many questions as it answers, but certainly shows the fascination that ancient trees can provoke.

Haresfield Oak. Photo Geoff Alpe