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The Magic Tree

The first of our "Acorns to Ancients" trees, as far as we are aware with no actual magic properties...

18 September 2008

The days are getting shorter, there's a chill in the air and the leaves are turning brown so it must mean we're heading towards Autumn. Not to mention the fact that we are launching our Acorns to Ancients campaign!

From September 23rd to October 23rd, as part of the Tree Council's Seed Gathering Season we want you to collect, plant and then grow your very own ancient trees of the future. You will find all the information you need on our Acorns to Ancients page.

To coincide with this we are going to have a series of TOTM's that link in, they are either trees with a great historical story or that have a particular meaning to a recorder which has been highlighted in a blog.

First up, is the 'Magic Tree' in Northamptonshire, a beech tree which has been visited by several generations of the same family and has also been featured on BBC One's "The One Show".

Link to the Magic Tree record

The Magic Tree. Photo ATH/Jon Parsons.