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Tortworth Sweet Chestnut

This sweet chestnut has been recognised with not one but two plaques to celebrate its significance..

21 January 2008

Another week and another fat, old tree in a fabulous setting. According to the plaque that accompanies it, this sweet chestnut is believed to be over 800 years old. The plaque dating back to 1800 reads:

May man still guard thy venerable form,

From the rude blasts and tempestuous storm,

Still mayest thou flourish through succeeding time,

And last, long last the wonder of the clime.

The tree itself has also been recognised by the Tree Council, when in 2002 as part of the Queen's Golden Jubilee it was classified as one of 50 Great British trees.

Link to Sweet chestnut at Tortworth

The tree is part of the Tortworth Estate, not far from Tortworth Church and access is allowed by the Estate informally. Many of the trees' branches have rooted and formed trees of their own, giving the impression of it being part of a mini woodland.

The photos accompanying this record were all taken by a local recorder, George Jackson.

Sweet chestnut, Tortworth/Photo George Jackson