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The Big Belly Oak, Savernake Forest

A special tree to celebrate our 30,000th record...

12 January 2009

Our first tree of the new year is one that signifies a major milestone in the Ancient Tree Hunt's recording so far - our 30,000th record!

The Big Belly Oak is one of the most famous trees in the country; the 11+ metre girthed Sessile Oak can be found in the Royal Hunting Forest of Savernake in Wiltshire and has allegedly been around since the time of William The Conqueror. It is also one of almost 6,000 records from Savernake Forest that were uploaded by the ATH's expert verifier and TROBI registrar David Alderman. Nearly 4,500 of these records have been classified as either ancient or veteran trees, which signifies the importance of the site as a home for old trees.

Big Belly Oak, Savernake Forest

We have a target of 55,000 records to reach by the end of 2009 - so even though we are doing brilliantly so far we still need your help to find more and more trees. They may be less obvious and off the beaten track so we need you to use all your tree-hunting expertise gained so far to help us reach our target!

Here's to another year of tree hunting and well done for all your efforts so far!

The Big Belly Oak, Savernake Forest. Photo ATH/Dave Kenny.