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Centre of Attention

23 April 2009

The Ancient Tree Hunt team has been out and about, getting up close and personal with some truly wonderful trees.

On April 2nd they ventured forth to Wales. Chirk Castle and its magnificent landscape was a joy to behold and an unforgettable learning experience was had by all those in attendance.

This tremendous Hornbeam was greatly admired –knobbly and gnarly with a girth of 3m 90cm and many years under its belt, it most certainly is a remarkable specimen; standing patiently while camera bearing enthusiasts, capably guided by well known photographer, Ed Parker, snapped away to their hearts’ content to capture images of its exposed roots, fascinating bark structure and hollowing trunk. Its multi stem form gives a pollard-like appearance but was probably never managed.. just left to its own devices, in its quiet and gloriously spacious setting.

Have you visited this tree.. or indeed any others registered on the Ancient Tree Hunt website? Are you a keen photographer, too? The opportunity to publish the fruits of your artistic labours is ever waiting – simply upload your photos, using the link on the tree record, and they could soon be on the website for all to see.

See the Vital Statistics of this particular super model

Chirk Hornbeam :ATH/WTPL