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Crowhurst Yew

Its amazing what you discover inside a hollow tree

20 February 2009

A tree with real history

Alleged to be as much as 4,000 years old by various sources, this tree is as famous for its age as it is for the wooden door that has been built into the tree. It is not known exactly when the door was attached to the tree, other than some time after 1820; this was the date when villagers hollowed out the bole of the tree.

In the process of hollowing out the tree they discovered a cannonball, which may have inadvertently embedded itself in the tree after being fired by an errant cannon during the English Civil War. The farm opposite the church was a staunch Royalist position and as such may have been a target for Cromwell’s troops.

Suffice to say that the yew is not involved in such drama these days and is happily growing into its ancient years.

Crowhurst Yew

Crowhurst Yew Photo; WTPL