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Tandridge Yew

A tree made famous by Thomas Pakenham

18 March 2009

A stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the M25 you will find the Tandridge Yew in Surrey. With a girth of over ten metres and a huge canopy this is truly a ‘wow’ tree! Thomas Pakenham quoting the famous dendrologist Alan Mitchell in his ‘Meetings with Remarkable Trees’ book says:

“A good rule of thumb is that most trees look older than they are except for yews which are even older than they look.”

Archaeologists digging on the site found a Saxon vault under the west wall, which was a relic of the original church. It turns out it had been skewed away from the location of the tree. This could be to avoid the roots of the yew, which would mean it pre-dates Saxon times. Certainly a good idea, going by Alan Mitchell’s rules would be to think of a number and add a few hundred years!

Discover more about this tree through record number 6570

Tandridge Yew. Photo: ATH/WTPL