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The Darley Oak

We think this is the only Ancient Oak in Cornwall but we'd love to be proved wrong..

11 June 2009

The only Ancient Oak in Cornwall?

Possibly 1000 years old and still going strong! The Darley Oak, on the edge of Bodmin Moor, has certainly seen some action in its time and has even been a venue for some rather unusual tea parties, as long ago as 1727 – inside a hollow in the trunk! Age began to take its toll and the great canopy section collapsed in the 1980s so the parties had to stop..

This wonderful tree is the subject of much local folklore, too, with special healing properties for various ailments and diseases. Its acorns, of which there were many in the past, were used as good luck charms during pregnancy. Allegedly, wishes will be granted to anyone who passes through the hollow and circles the girth.

The Ancient Tree Hunt Team was in Cornwall just before the May Bank Holiday as part of its 2009 tour. Some magnificent Parkland at Lanhydrock wowed our guests and there are certainly plenty of trees to see and record in a truly beautiful part of the world. The Darley Oak is the only Ancient Oak in Cornwall.. Unless, of course, you know otherwise… If so, please tell us!

DarleyOak. Photo:ATH/Dennis Madge