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The Pollok Beech

Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Pollok...

28 September 2009

The distorted shape and beautiful setting of the Pollok Beech makes it a well-known and loved feature of Pollok Country Park – the stunning venue for the Ancient Tree Hunt’s most recent Recording Day.

In 2002 the Pollok Beech was named one of Scotland's 100 Heritage Trees - trees that are notable for their historical, cultural and botanical significance. It is thought to be about 250 years old and is planted on the site of the second castle inhabited by the Maxwell family for about 300 years.

Why is the Pollok Beech shaped like this? No one really knows but there are a number of theories.. It may have been coppiced for timber, struck by lightning or even cursed by the witches of Pollok!

The most probable explanation is that the tree originated as a deliberate bundle planting and some think that it has been attacked by pests and diseases, affecting the way that it grew and causing the Pollok Beech to create its unique shape.

Any other ideas? You could add your comment on the Pollok Beech's Ancient Tree Hunt record...

The Pollok Beech ATH Photo: Ed Parker