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The Remedy Oak

A Tree with a Fascinating Medical History ..

17 December 2009

Just imagine what this tree has seen underneath its boughs as the Remedy Oak holds the legend that The Boy King, King Edward VI (1537-1553) who came to the throne at the age of 9, sat under this wonderful tree and "touched for Kings Evil".

Scrofula, any variety of skin disease, particularly a form of tuberculosis affecting the lymph nodes of the neck has, historically, been known as “Kings Evil”. This refers to the method of treatment many sufferers used right up to the reign of Charles II. It was believed that the touch of the sovereign of England or France, could cure the disease. The kings were thought to have received this power due to their descent from Edward the Confessor, who, according to some legends, received it from Saint Remigius. From 1633, the Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church contained a ceremony for this, and it was traditional for the king or queen to present to the touched person a coin - usually an Angel, a gold coin the value of which varied from about 6 shillings to about 10 shillings.

King Henry IV of France is reported as often touching and healing as many as 1,500 individuals at a time. History does not relate how many were cured by Edward VI under this tree but it is quite something just to picture the scene…

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This wonderful tree was brought to our attention by Jane Adams, one of our verifiers She is so impressed that she has a BLOG for it…

Remedy Oak Photo: ATH/Jane Adams