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Volunteers of the Moment

Trees and People.. A perfect Combination for the Ancient Tree Hunt Team

23 October 2009

A Tree of the Moment with a Twist, this time, as we celebrate the work of our wonderful Volunteer Verifiers, who, as some of you will know, work behind the scenes at the Ancient Tree Hunt, doing an amazing job to help ensure our records are robust. They all work on a voluntary basis and give their time to search for the trees you have recorded. Their time and effort is always appreciated and we cannot thank them enough but without your records they wouldn't have so many wonderful trees to go and see so please keep them coming!

Each year The Woodland Trust asks those working with volunteers to nominate someone who shines amongst their volunteer group for an award. A panel of judges then make the difficult decision as to who should receive the awards.

Four of the finest Ancient Tree Hunt verifiers were chosen this year.

Steve Waters – Woodland Trust Volunteer of the Year and winner of the Watkins Medal for Volunteering
Tony Burgoyne – Ancient Tree Hunt Volunteer of the Year
Peter Archdale- Lead Verifier for Northern Ireland
Les Wilkins – Lead verifier for Wales

The Ancient Tree Hunt team is extremely proud of them all! We were delighted to spend time with Steve and Tony among the wonderful trees of Windsor to celebrate the occasion. (This one is quite a beauty - see it in all its glory..)

When asked to pick some memorable trees there was little hesitation! Steve said "My favorite tree has to be the Ankerwycke Yew at Runnymede (Tree Number 2121), not particularly for the Wow factor but because of the links back to when I was a nipper in shorts. Being an urbanite, Runnymede was the family treat at weekends. To think that the Magna Carta was signed under the tree, or at least close by, gives it a great historical significance"

Tony's choice was an Alder off Kingston Road in the west of Hull. "It is actually a Cut-leaved Alder, Alnus glutinosa “Laciniata”, (Tree Number 4901) and quite rare in this part of the country. It is a rather battered example, having been on the receiving end of attention from an enemy bomber during WW2. Its top was blown off but it has made a good recovery. Apparently the bomb crater was used by the local dustbin men to save them a journey with full carts back to their depot!"

Special Message from the Verifiers:

If you are a recorder, the most important thing is that you have recorded a tree on the map. The process of verifying the tree is to ensure the data is robust and you can assist us by ensuring that we will be able to find the tree again in the future - Accurate grid references and images to help with identification assist us with our job.

Photo of Volunteers of the Year with Katherine Owen, Senior Verifier, Ancient Tree Hunt: Edward Parker