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The Great Holker Lime

One of several huge lime trees in Holker Hall in Cumbria....

11 March 2009

One of the largest lime trees in the country, The Great Holker Lime can be found in the grounds of Holker Hall in Cumbria. With a girth of 7.9 metres, the tree was most likely planted as part of the original formal garden in the 17th century. It is one of several massive limes in the garden, along with many other fabulous specimens.

It was designated as one of the Tree Council’s 50 Greatest Trees of Britain in 2002. Lady Cavendish who currently resides in Holker Hall says:

“The lime is very beautiful and is the most wonderful sanctuary for wildlife because it’s so very, very dense. I think it’s lovely that it’s stood for 400 years just watching all the changes.”

The Great Holker Lime

Great Holker Lime. Photo: ATH/Vanessa Champion