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The Valentine's Day Tree

Have a heart, hug a tree...

9 February 2009

As we are coming up to the most romantic/corporate day of the year - depending on your point of view - we thought we'd spread the (tree) love...

ATH Project Manager Nikki Williams has been down to one of the oldest trees on the Woodland Trust's doorstep; this veteran oak is in the heart of Grantham and is a great 'urban' tree. With a girth of over seven metres it should be a pretty respectable age too!

Pedunculate oak record, Grantham

To demonstrate the love, not to mention the official Ancient Tree Hunt girth measuring technique Nikki has filmed this short video on location in the heart of sunny Grantham. So go on, hug a tree for Valentine's Day and feel the love.

Trees need love on Valentine's Day too! Photo: ATH/Keith Brown.