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Handy Help for Hunting

All sorts of bits and pieces to assist your search..

Everything you could possibly need when you go out tree hunting... Apart from the trees themselves, obviously!

A recording Form so that you can gather as much information as possible

A special Recording Form for smaller Tree Hunters... Smaller Tree Hunters looking for Bigger Trees, that is, not a form for Smaller Trees... Oh! You know what I mean..

Some juicy information about how to get the vital statistics of your tree when you find it..

A DIY version of our specially created Flash Cards to help you hone your tree spotting skills..

Activity Sheets to help make tree hunting even more fun.. even if it's raining..

And, if it's cold, you could always wear some special tree hunting gear. We've got knitting patterns for a stripy scarf, a leafy scarf and some toasty warm mittens too.

Here's to many Happy Hunting Hours

Don't forget to record your findings when you get home!

Tree Hugging Illustration: ATH/Jorge Martin

Tree Hunting ATH: Photo/Phil Lockwood