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Learning for everyone

The Ancient Tree Hunt wants to spread the word about the magnificence of ancient trees.

Helping people to learn more about the wonderful trees that sit in and around your local community is a great way to spread the enthusiasm for ancient trees.

From learning how to spot trees in your leisure time, to formal learning and interactive games - its all part of the hunt.

Teachers' resources

A cross curriculum set of resources for running Key Stage 3 in England & Wales and also Scottish Curriculum for Excellence linked learning sessions.

ATH Teacher training workshops

For anyone wanting to use the KS3 resources with their class or group, sign up for our FREE workshops

Tree ID

Not quite sure how to identify the species of the fat,old tree you have found? Don't worry identity sheets can help your spotting prowess develop

Activities for kids

Tree hunting is for all ages. Gather up friends and family or let your local schools and youth groups know about what they can discover in around their local environment

A trees memory

Solve the timelines for three trees that have seen so much from the past...

Gathering at an ancient tree Photo Jon Parsons