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Speakers service

Need a speaker to talk to your group?

Well look no further…

Our volunteer speakers can’t wait to talk to you about why its important to go hunting for old, fat trees. An illustrated talk by a Woodland Trust volunteer speaker is a voyage of discovery about ancient and veteran trees across the UK.

Talks take the form of a 40 - 45 minute projection presentation jam packed full of inspirational images and speakers will bring along a selection of information leaflets for your group members to take away.

Our speakers have everything required to give a presentation - we just ask you to provide access to a plug!

Ancient Tree Hunt talks include
• Keeping Woodland Alive - the Woodland Trust and its main objectives
• What is an ancient tree?
• Why are ancient trees important?
• What are the threats to ancient trees?
• How can we protect ancient trees?
• The Ancient Tree Hunt
• How to measure and record ancient trees
• Learning resources relating to ancient trees

Our speakers can accommodate all types of audiences - from a select group to an audience of 100+ people. Oh, and they love to be fed - so after dinner talks are always popular!

There is no set fee for a talk, but we ask that you are willing to cover the cost of our volunteers' travel expenses and consider making a donation to the Trust of roughly £1 per audience head – minimum £25, to help us continue our conservation work.

To book a talk please use our online request form or contact us on 08452 935 752 quoting the name of your group, the date and time the talk is required and the location where the talk is to be held.

hugging in windsor Photo J Butler