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Ideas to inspire your local community to get involved with the hunt

As a Tree Warden, you have no doubt been inspired to join the Ancient Tree Hunt through your Tree Warden's Handbook - Section 9 Ancient Trees - Hunting and Championing.

Be an inspiration

You have a number of ways you can encourage your local community to get involved in the Ancient Tree Hunt.

A first step may be to organise a local awareness walk. Use our Brief for Walks Leaders to help you plan your event. It is packed full of ideas for including ancient trees into a community walk as well as how to involve old maps and aerial photography to help you enthuse your audience.

If you want to encourage local families to get involved you could gather ideas from our Children's Leaflet. Try including time lines and local history into the walk along side getting children discovering the creepy crawlies that depend upon ancient trees to survive.

You can advertise your event on this website in the News and Events section. Just drop the ATH team an email and we'll let every one know.

To help add local flavour to your walk, add in finds from the Ancient Tree Hunt database. Do a local search for ancient trees and show people the true beauty of what is sat on their door step, explaining why they need to be taken care of.

Remember that the Ancient Tree Hunt team can help you with your event by providing leaflets about the project such as our Introduction Leaflet. You can have as many of these as you need for your event by simply contacting us.

When you have warmed up your audience, you can start to get them involved in recording ancient trees.

Major Oak. Photo - WTPL