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Books and other publications

Read our heritage books on Britain and Ireland

The Heritage Trees of Britain & Northern Ireland - John Stokes and Donald Rodger – published by Constable and Robinson Ltd in association with the Tree Council - 2004.

The Heritage Trees of Scotland - James Ogilvie, Jon Stokes, Donald Rodger and Archie Miles – published by the Forestry Commission Scotland - 2006

A variety of information on veteran trees is also available to purchase in hard copy format and download online from Natural England. For further information please visit the publications section of their website

The Trees That Made Britain – Archie Miles – published by BBC Books – 2006.

The Secret Life of Trees: How They Live and Why They Matter (Penguin Press Science) – Colin Tudge – published by Penguin Books Ltd – 2006.

Findings – Kathleen Jamie – published by Sort of Books – 2005.

Trees That Shape The World – Tom Petherick - published by Quadrille Publishing Ltd – 2005.

Woodlands (Collins New Naturalist) – Oliver Rackham – published by Collins - 2006.

Estimating the age of large and veteran trees in Britain. Forest Information Note 250 - John White.
This paper, which can be downloaded from the Forestry Commission website, and explains the methodology of trying to estimate the age of a tree from its girth. The system is based on the concept of estimating the number of annual growth rings that a tree has produced.

Please visit the Ancient Tree Forum website for a list of other useful publications