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Acorns to Ancients in Central England

Here's a list of our favourite trees in Central England:

  • Tree 2127, Solihull; This sweet chestnut is one of the biggest recorded on the ATH database and can be found within Elmdon Park. This fabulous park is unique amongst many others in the West Midlands due to its hilly nature. Although fenced off we’d like to think some seeds will find their way to the perimeter!
  • Tree 10166, Bedfordshire; The ‘Witches Beech’ can be found haunting some woodland near Whipsnade. Although there is no information on why the tree is named so, we think from the photos that is gives a suitably menancing appearance and maybe will produce a similarly spooky tree from its seeds.
  • Tree 109, Derbyshire; The Old Man of Calke, this oak tree is one of many fantastic trees to be found in the grounds of Calke Abbey. The Abbey was founded in the 12th Century and is steeped in history, so collect your seeds and take a piece of history with you.
  • Tree 3142, Hertfordshire; A sweet chestnut minding its own business just outside the local school in Rickmansworth, with a girth of nearly 10 metres. Perfect for collecting seeds on the way home with mum or dad.
  • Tree 136, Leicestershire; Bradgate Park near Leicester is home to many wonderful ancient trees and of course was also the home of Lady Jane Grey, the nine day queen. Legend had it that following Grey’s execution the oaks in the park were symbolically lopped in tribute.
  • Tree 142, Lincolnshire; The Bowthorpe Oak is Lincolnshire’s most famous tree. One of the biggest and oldest in the country it seems only fit to suggest it as an example of a tree to collect seeds from and continue its fine tradition.
  • Tree 4088, Northamptonshire; The Magic Tree in Wakerley Woods has been featured on the BBC’s ‘One Show’. A viewer sent a story of how she visited the tree some 30 years ago with her sister, mother and grandmother. A great example of how one family can have a long association with a tree.
  • Tree 2885, Nottinghamshire; The 16th Century Wollaton Hall and Park is home to many ancient trees, including this common beech. A great site to explore and sure to provide rich pickings for potential seed gatherers amongst you.
  • Tree 11481, Oxfordshire; Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill; what further incentive would you need to gather seeds from one of the park’s many fantastic trees? Steeped in history, the grounds are a beautiful setting and worth visiting even without the incentive of seed gathering.
  • Tree 5349, Shropshire; The Nash Oak is a great example of a roadside tree and has been written about in several books detailing the history of the county.
  • Tree 5806, Warwickshire; The Crowley Oak in…Crowley is the only ancient tree recorded in Warwickshire, it even gained some transatlantic visitors when an American couple flew over to the UK to visit the area. Their ancestors had lived in Crowley and left correspondence about the old tree, which they felt compelled to visit!
  • Tree 2836, Worcestershire; The Temple Oak is one of the largest pedunculate oaks in the whole of the country and has to be seen to be believed. Its sheer size suggests it may have been around for many hundreds of years and its legacy is something that could be continued for hundreds more.
Tree 142, The Bowthorpe Oak. Photo ATH/Kath Owen.